Why Carisa ?

Carisa’s advantages

As Carisa, we choose the best of ingredients. Our quality control makes sure that every product that comes out of our facilities is a product we can be proud of.

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Different models, sizes and colors will offer you endless solutions!


Aluminium Radiators

Why Aluminum ? Aluminum is the metal that has the most choice to adapt to any kind of body in the place where it is used. In addition, price – performance-life composition is uncompetitive.Review Products »

Aluminium Towels

When producing decorative, functional and high quality towels, we stand out the Carisa difference. We bring you all kinds of towel models that will fit in your bathroom.Review Products »

Stainless Steel Radiators

We are expanding our stainless steel product range every day. We continue the production of stainless steel radiators with special designs and high performance at the art level.Review Products »

Stainless Steel Towels

We continue to work to ensure that towels, which are indispensable for bathrooms and kitchens, offer you practical solutions with their stylish designs.Review Products »

Bespoke Radiators