Towel Dryers or Stainless Steel

Would you like to offer and provide your customers with beautiful, high-quality and functional products?
During the new construction or renovation phase, your role as a reliable supplier is to find and offer products that match the application and customer needs.

Would you like to offer products that exceed all customer expectations?

Isn’t it important to be confident in the products you offer to your customers and to know that they won’t let you down?

Then Carisa will catch your attention. Carisa offers quality products with excellent service and technical support.

► Carisa radiators add style and elegance to the interior of a living space, home or building
► Thanks to their design, Carisa radiators save space and ensure efficiency
► Carisa radiators are suitable for consumers of both conventional heating systems, such as fuel, natural gas, and users of alternative sources, such as solar panels, heat pumps.
► Carisa is a trusted brand that can be offered to customers with pride and confidence.

We will be happy to provide you with the following services:
• Wholesale discounts
• Product selection: Provide us with a house / building project or the required heat dissipation of the radiator.
• Technical documentation
• Individual offers tailored to the client’s preferences and budget.
• Fast and high quality customer service.